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Borewell digging in farm, Lesson learnt hard way

by sheonarayan on 1/18/2013 8:49:58 PM | Views: 32508

In this article, I am going to share my experience about digging bore well in my farm.

In past couple of months, I have learnt a lot of lesson of course hard way. Hard way I mean after spending a lot of hard earned money, valuable time and facing a lot of obstacles.

In this article, I am going to share my experience and learning from digging bore well so that it would be beneficial for others.

Till now I have dug 3 bore wells in my 3 acres of farm in Patancheru area, Hyderabad.

First bore well digging

First bore well was done in the month of July 2012, many people suggested to get the point checked by professionals and water diviner but I didn't heard them as I have learnt after visiting many website and forums thread that even professionals with instruments and water diviner fails.

So I decided to go with the traditional method. In Mr. Bhaskar Save book I have read that in his many acres of farm they had get the point checked by professionals but they didn't get water, at last they themselves (Mr. Ashok) found out a point where there were a lot of greenery even in the summer and he thought that if there is greenery here there would be water. Based on this he dug the bore and he got plenty of water. Thinking the same way I also found a green place in my farm and thought of getting the bore well dug there. However when Pandit ji came for Bhoomi Poojan, he roam around my farm and using coconut he found a point near to the place I had decided to get the bore done so I decided to get my first bore well dug to the point suggested by Pandit ji.

Pandit ji told that I should go for 280 feet and I would get 2" of water. We went up to 300 feet and hardly got any water. I called Pandit ji and he said to go another 50 feet and I went on and on up to 450 feet and we found hardly some water. How I got the bore well drillers after so much of frustration, its a separate story written here.

As we didn't find enough water I was disappointed and was trying to find out another point myself so we didn't care of the existing bore that we dug just now. The bore well drillers didn't even cleaned up the bore properly. In the morning when bore well drillers was unable to go to the point where we had decided, we felt that as we have got some water in this bore so lets put a casing (many other people said that we have at least 1" water in this bore so would be enough for the plants and living). We put casing into it and then went for a 1" pipe and 2 HP 25 stage motor.

The bore well run well up to 1 hour but then started giving muddy water. As the bore well was not cleaned properly so we kept getting muddy water every day for 10-15 days after that it stopped. But it was only yielding 1 hours from 2 HP pump with 1" pipe.

The total cost of the bore well digging was around INR 45,000 or around USD 1000. The motor pump costed around INR 45,000.

Lesson learnt
  1. Do not trust on Pandit ji if he is not expert or known for doing what he is doing for you as an extra work
  2. Even if you are getting little water, get the bore well cleaned properly, who knows you might be using this in future
  3. Do not trust on bore well people on the time they have given to you to come to your place. Just ask them to start and then call to you so that you can also start to go to your farm.
  4. Get hold of local guy who is trust worthy however this doesn't work in all cases. I have got hold of 2-3 local guys but they also got frustrated with their own bore well friends.
  5. Try to put your bore well in not busy season (till Feb or March), after that they got busy and it would be difficult for you to catch them.
  6. Do not give too much money as advance.
  7. Get the charges checked up with many bore well drillers and go for not too cheaper or too costlier one. 
  8. Do not forget to negotiate.
  9. Do not trust on Pandit ji or anyone else to go to more depth, if you didn't get water at the specified depth just stop it. As the more deeper you go the more money you are loosing quickly. Its your money so you should be the decision maker.
  10. Take some time to buy the motor pump, get the water checked in the bore well if you have got water. If possible hire the motor and pump (if possible) for sometime before buying the fresh one for you.

Second bore well digging

As we were getting only 1 hour of water and that was not sufficient so this year we tried to get fresh bore well digging. This time I wanted to trust on expert for the point selection. So I inquired from many people. 

Expert with instruments
  • I asked from them if they can guarantee that the point they will find will have water? They said no, 95% they can say yes but they can't guarantee. Their charge for per point was varying between INR 5000 to INR 7000 + transportation to and from the farm.
Water diviner
  • I asked from water diviner the same question if they can guarantee about the point and one diviner suggested by my broker said that if we will not get water, he returns the money. I got little confidence about his guts so I wanted to go for it.
I went to this water diviner home (Durgam Cheru, near Kandi, ahead of Sangareddy), brought him to my farm. He just went here and there and told me two points. He charged INR 2000 per point so in total INR 4000. I was little skeptical about his point but as I had heard a lot of story about him so I kept quite.

I called the bore well guys again and this time I called the same person from whom last time I had get this done so quickly we got the bore well drilling machine. We started with the first point where had said that we will get water at 260 feet and around 3.5" of water.

We went up to 280" and not even a single drop of water came out. All stone. I called the diviner and he said go to 300 or 350 feet. Called the broker also who had suggested this diviner and the broker started abusing him. By learning from my first experience I stopped the drilling at 282 feet.

The digging charge was around INR 26,000.

Lesson learnt
  • This is Kalyug, no one is God that just by roaming here and there would tell you where is the point. So do not trust on them.
  • Do not trust on broker. If you succeed they will take credit, if you fail they will ran away or leave you to your situation.
  • Do not get more than one point from one diviner, you are unnecessary loosing money. If one point will not work what is the guarantee that other will.

Third bore well digging - success 

In the mean time my temporary care taker had called a local diviner who finds water point in the village and its almost successful. I talked with him and there was a deal that I will pay him INR 500 and if we got water then INR 2000 more. 

He took bath in my pond, used coconut and roamed around for many minutes and came up with a point. 

I was completely fade up and was about to quit as I by now I had already lost around 1.5 Lacs (INR 1,50,000) and no water. I thought by this amount I could have get the pond dug that could have at least stored rain water that might have worked till Jan or Feb of the year after rainy season and it may also percolates to the round so will increase the water table. 

I was completely disappointed and was cursing myself, I was better in the software industry at least I was not loosing money and not getting this much frustration. I was cursing God, even if we save a lot of water, he is not giving me water :D but then apologies from God thinking that everything happens for good. But I do not quit things so easily so wanted to give one last try. 

The third bore well digging started. As soon as it started, I got a feeling that this time we are going to get water. I announced everybody that this time we will get water. I do not know why but my gut feeling was that we will get water this time. 

Things started nicely. We hit the water at 110 (feet) - just a bit and then at 150 - 1" and then 160 - 1" and then 190 - 1.5" and then 290 - 2".

When we hit first water at 110 feet, I came to my house as it was too chill but my care taker and others were taking care of the stuffs. Every one started celebrating, I started dreaming with open eyes. I was waiting for the next morning so that I can go to my farm.

I went there and saw that water and mud were spreading around the bore point. They suggested that we can install 2" pipe and big motor as we have enough water. I inquired and it was costing around INR 60000 so I decided to go for my existing pump set that we had installed in my first bore. We installed the water pump and its yielding good water.

Lesson learnt
  • Do not be over smart, trust on local guys for diviners. If I would trusted on my temporary care taker for point selection from the local diviner I would not have lost around 1.5 lacs.
  • Trust on God, he is there just near by you.
  • Do not be in hurry, things happens in its own pace and in its own time. Just follow the path.
  • Do not quit, there are solutions of every problem.


I hope my immature experience would help at least one person to save some money and time, if this does I would be more than happy. There might be grammatical mistakes as I was in little hurry in writing this article, running out of time as a lot of work here and there :).

Thanks for reading, do let me know your comments, suggestions by commenting to this article.

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Sheo Narayan
By profession, a software professional worked in the IT Industry since 2001. Now, a farmer too !
Sheo Narayan "Farmer"
Hyderabad, India

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