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How to buy an Indian desi (domestic) cow

by sheonarayan on 5/9/2013 12:49:41 AM | Views: 47839

Buying a domestic cow is becoming a tedious work these days due to a lot of mixed breeds of jersey. In this article, I am going to share my experience and some knowledge on domestic cow that I have received out of my experience.


There are many benefits of a domestic cow.
  • Its milk is very nutritious
  • Its dung is antiseptic and of medicinal use
  • Its dung is a very good manure and a lot of different types of compost and mixture are prepared for agricultural use
  • Its urine is of medicinal use and cures cancer
There are many other benefits of a domestic cow that can't be covered in this small article. Please refer to vedas and other cow related books.

How to identify a domestic cow?

The first and very important step towards buying a domestic cow is to identify whether a cow is domestic or not. Below are some of the visible way you can identify a domestic cow
  1. Domestic cow has a hump
  2. Domestic cow has different types of horns
  3. Domestic cow is of Lion shape ie. front bigger in size and back smaller in size
  4. Domestic cow is more sentimental and emotional towards its calf
  5. Domestic cow has extra muscles below its neck

Above picture is of Deoni species from Maharastra and Andhra Pradesh border region. This cow is from Rameshwari Natural Farm.

How to buy a domestic cow?

Check its teeth, generally 6 teeth cow is mature and good to have as it is treated as young. Let it roam around and see it from different direction for any disabilities.

Buying from local neighbor or person

If you are buying a cow from a local person or neighbor, see the cow twice or thrice by going there at different times. Touch it, let her feel that you are touching. Try to touch its milking organs. If its not letting you touch or feeling uncomfortable the chances are you are going to have hard time controlling it. See your capabilities and then decide whether it is controllable or not. If not, better look for other cow.

In general, cow doesn't allow to touch its milking organs so its okay but in general if you touching other body parts she should not feel uncomfortable.

Buying from animal fair

If you are buying a cow from animal fair, avoid mediator. If you can't, do not let their decision dominate you. In general mediators would try to dominate your decision by telling different stories, appreciating about cows, giving examples on how this cow is better and why the price is worth this cow. 

All check above (Buying from local neighbor or person) description and ensure that everything is fine.

Checking milk and milking organs

Once you have zeroed in a cow, first check for the milk by milking the cow yourself. If you can't then at least try to touch the milking organs. Ensure that all 4 nipples are of almost same size, if not chances are that any one might not have milk. Notice it carefully while milking.

In general you should not trust on what its owner is saying about the cow, so verify it yourself. Even if at the time of buying from animal fair, a cow is giving 4 liter milk, in your house it might end up giving 3 liter only. So decide the price based on that.

Hope this small article would be helpful for novice farmers in buying a domestic cow.

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Sheo Narayan
By profession, a software professional worked in the IT Industry since 2001. Now, a farmer too !
Sheo Narayan "Farmer"
Hyderabad, India

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