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6 Ways to Breed Love Birds

by madhusmita on 2/14/2014 3:51:21 AM | Views: 15054

Budgies(also called Lovebirds) breeding may sound like a great hobby and it is! However you need lots of knowledge! You also need to make all of the budgies happy and healthy to make a happy family.

In this article,I am going to share my experience on how to properly breed Lovebirds.

Part 1 to 6:Selecting the breeding pairs

1.Find a suitable breeding pair:
 The pair must be older than 12 months old but younger than four years old. They should be healthy and have no deformities such as splayed legs or any infections.
2.Ensure that the breeding pair eats healthy,balanced diet consisting of good quality seed,fresh fruits and vegetables,grains etc.
3.Wait for budgies to adjust to the new surroundings for four weeks if they are purchased recently and let them bond.

Part 2 of 6:Setting of the breeding area

1.Use suitable cage:
Choose one that is approximately two feet wide. The cage should be wider than it is tall (why because,budgies fly horizontally), square-topped and have at least three doors: one for the food dish, on for the water dish, and one for you to easily access the cage. You might need to cut a small hole in the cage for the nest box to fit from outside.You can even place the nest box inside the cage but it becomes difficult to access the nest box.
2.Get all the items needed: 
You will likely need: perches, a few toys for the male budgie,feeder dishes and water dishes, a cuttle bone, liquid calcium(two of these calcium sources at least), a mineral block(salt spools), extra food and water dishes to
put on the ground of the cage when babies start flying.
3.Find a suitable Doctor(specialist in birds): Keep all details including a phone number,contact address at hand. You never know when something will go wrong,there will be need of Avian Doctor.

Part 3 of 6:Adding a nest box

1.Make a good size of nest box:
Good dimensions are: (9" (H) X 6" (W) x 7" (D) ) with an entry hole of 2 inches diameter.

Part 4 of 6:Breeding

 Do not disturb the budgies. They will do their thing in their own time, but disturbing them and constantly looking over them is not going to help. You may not catch them mating,let them do their work.
2.When eggs come,wait until each one is five days old and then candle them:
You can find candling steps online.This step is optional.

Part 5 of 6:Caring of chicks

  1. Check regularly:
 The chicks will eventually hatch so it is very important that you check the nest box daily. Try to do this when the mother bird is out for eating.
  • Gently check the chicks over for injury,air bubbles in the crop (the sack at the base of the chick's neck).
  • Check whether that the crop is full.
  • Make sure no food is stuck inside the top of the upper mandible (top of the beak). If there is food, gently pick it away.
  • Clean off poop and food from around the toes, beak, eyes, and other body parts with a soft cotton and warm cloth.
  • Remove any dead chicks.

2.Clean the nest box regularly:
When the hen is out for eating, remove the chicks and eggs to a small container lined with soft paper towels,and then clean it.
3.When chicks reach 3 weeks old,provide them some food(soft food)each day. The babies may take a bite or two,mimicking to mother.This helps in weaning process later on,when chicks starts flying.

Part 6 of 6:Flying Time

1.When chicks finally fly at the age of 28 - 35 days old, put a dish of seed and another separate dish of water at the bottom of the cage. Though the father bird feeds them entirely at this stage, you want to encourage them to start eating solid food as soon as possible. It is also a great idea to provide a bowl of chopped fresh fruits and vegetables- flying birds love to explore and try new things!
2.Remove the nest box:
When the last chick starts flying then remove the nest box immediately or seal the hole of nest box.
Separate the mother bird from father otherwise they will start the new clutch,and this will be stress full job for parent birds.   
3.It's the time to name babies:
After one month you will be able to recognize whether the bird is male or female.
Give plenty of healthy food and water everyday,so that you will have happy budgies family.


Hope it helps..

Thanks for reading my article.

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