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Smart Composting Tips for Urban Gardeners & Apartment Dwellers

by kidsfunda1234 on 4/18/2014 6:27:32 AM | Views: 8049

With the economy in dire straits and many people losing their jobs, everyone’s looking for ways to save money and become more self-sufficient. Growing your own food even if you live in an apartment is a low cost and easy first step towards saving a lot of money. Composting is another great activity that can help both your gardening and the planet.

There are a lot of options,there for apartment dwellers who want to compost, and like most things it's not as simple as one thinks. This is an easy indoor compost option for people who need something cheap, customization and space friendly.

What You Need :

Materials : 
  • A container to house your compost. It can be as big or small as you like.
  • A tray that fits under your container and allows room for spills,just dirt.
  • A small bag of soil.
  • Some old newspaper for shredding.
Tools :
Depending on what container you use you will need a drill or hammer.


1. Choose a location for your indoor compost bin. We used the space under the sink because it is in the kitchen, locked to protect tiny hand,of children.

2. Think about what you'd like to keep your compost in. You can use plastic boxes, metal containers, garbage bins or buckets... get creative and customize it to your use taste and your space but consider, it will need to be covered. You might need to swap it out for a new one while it composts and you'll need to store it somewhere.

3. Once you have your container you'll need to punch holes in it. What your using will determine what tools you need. We chose a metal garbage bin so we used a drill. 

4. Cover your tray with newspaper.

5. Now add dirt! Again it's about the size of the container and how much use it's going to get. We added a layer of soil about four inches deep.

6. Next step. Add a layer of dry stuff, in this case newspaper.

How to use compost bin :

1. Add your food scraps as you get them. It's an indoor bin so making them as small as possible will benefit you in the long run.

2. You want to keep the wet/dry balance so add small handful of shredded newspaper when you add scraps.

3. Once a week you'll need to mix the compost and add a half scoop of new soil.

What to compost :

- Pasta, beans, rice, bread, cereal

- Vegetables, fruits, nuts, herbs, leaves, flowers

- Egg shells, orange rinds.

What not to compost :

- anything that cannot break down fast in a small container, like old magazines, t-shirts,plastic.

- anything with toxic chemicals, like detergent, paint, or hair dye.

- meat and animal by-products.Butter, being fat, takes a long time to break down, and meat will just attract rodents and insect infestation.

Conclusion :

Giving to back to nature,what you had taken from her..Great thing!

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