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By regusang

on 8/8/2013 8:05:27 AM
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Intergrated Farming on profitable basis

I own 10 acres of agriculture land with water bore facility. The land is not been used for the past 3 years. Around this land, paddy fields are cultivated. Basically, I am an Electrical Engineer & trying to settle in my native where farming is the only possible income to lead the life. Hence, please advise how effectively these 10 acre of land could be used to get regular income, if I involve in full time basis. Presently the land is kept without any cultivation. I have decided that not to use any chemical or pesticides. Since I have to start from the zero, I welcome your experiences to share here.


By sheonarayan

on 8/9/2013 5:38:07 AM
Dear Regusang,

Thanks and welcome to this world of green and pesticide free food. I think you have everything to start doing great stuffs for you and surroundings.

I would strongly recommend you to do following
  1. Keep 3 acres of land for regular crops like rice, pulses and other grains
  2. In remaining 7 acres of land plant different kinds of fruits trees that can bear fruits throughout the year. Do not go for mono cropping (one fruit plan in all)
  3. Use Subash Palekar  method of cultivation, his method really works and its really zero budget.
  4. Let different types of forest trees grow like Neem, Peepal etc they also helps.
  5. Dug one or two ponds in your farm to increase the ground water, it'll help your fruits plant as well as increase the biodiversity of the farm and ultimately it will also help the grains crops.
Watch Subash Palekar's vidoes series from the Video section of this website that will really help and give you a lot of knowledge and experience.

Try not to use Hybrid seeds of either grains or fruits trees. Try not to plant fruits tree from Nurseries as they can't survive in Droughts, try to plant the trees from the seeds and that to domestic varieties. Our own seeds rules as they have self defense for all the insects and surroundings.

The biggest benefits you will have is you will be full time, if you want to remote control the farm, I would suggest not to venture into as its going to be frustrating dealing with labors and other people.

I hope this helps.


By regusang

on 8/9/2013 10:53:07 AM
Dear Sheo Narayan,

Thanks for your recommendation,

I wish to be there for full time & I will consider the plantation of trees such as Neem & Peepal to improve the ecological system.

Could you please name the
vegetables, Fruits, Flowers, trees,  which can give the yield in the shortest period in order to manage my income while doing plantation along with long term yield such as Coconut & Mango etc.


By regusang

on 8/9/2013 1:54:18 PM

Will keep post here, once my project become shaped.

Appreciate your support!


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